In our life, we hear many smart, vital, cool, and beautiful phrases and see the same inscriptions. These phrases can be spoken by our favorite actors in a movie, singers in a song, parents, and friends in life, celebrities on the Internet. In our Inscriptions and Phrases sticker pack, we have collected all the best text stickers and here you can find phrases and inscriptions with different colors, types, in different original forms, styles and showing a variety of emotions. Check out our insightful collection of stickers and we promise that you will be glad!

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Alien Too Cool for this Planet Sticker

Green Alien Too Cool for this Planet Sticker. Hello to space lovers. Let’s find out who is the coolest in the universe.

Among Us Impasta Sticker

This Italian Shef character Among Us doesn’t call people suspicious. He calls them Macaroni and cooks for them poisonous pasta which is called Impasta. Want to taste this masterpiece? Don’t worry, for good people it is healthy and very tasty, like in Italy. Among Us Impasta Sticker, taste this culinary masterpiece from character Among Us Italiano.

Are You Kitten Me Sticker

Are You Kitten Me. Are You Kitten Me Sticker. Are You Kitten Me. Add Sticker. CatBlack Cat. Browse our sticker library. Cat You Awake? Catppuccino Cofee.

Baby on Board Road Sign Sticker

This yellow sign warns that a baby is on board. But it doesn’t warn us what a child is, because this is a small alien! The funny yellow sticker with Baby on Board Road Sign!

Black Cat Good Luck Sticker

Everyone knows that black cats symbolize bad luck and failure. But look at this cute black cat with big yellow eyes, on the contrary, she wishes you good luck, because she liked you. Add this pretty Black Cat Good Luck sticker and may it bring you success!

Black Cat I Do What I Want Sticker

Black Cat I Do What I Want Sticker. And rightly so, cats free individual.

Cat Pew Pew Meme Sticker

Cat Pew Pew meme is an onomatopoeia associated with the sound of guns being fired. Now in a Cat Pew Pew Meme Sticker.

Congratulations It’s a Pizza Sticker

Dear future parents, Congratulations, you will have pizza! Funny sticker for all pizza fans.

Cute Cactus Free Hugs Sticker

Look at this beautiful green cactus, what is that inscription he has? Adorable cactus invites us to free hugs. Aren’t you afraid of thorns? The cute sticker with Cactus Free Hugs!

Cute Green Alien Sticker

What a beautiful green alien in a wreath of roses, who flew to us from a distant galaxy! This alien is too cute for this planet, it’s a fact! The cute sticker with Green Alien!

Droopy I’m So Happy Sticker

This adorable white dog with an uninspired face is called Droopy and he loves to walk with a sign that says I’m So Happy. The funny cartoon sticker with Droopy I’m So Happy!

Einstein Science Rocks Sticker

Funny sticker with Albert Einstein and the slogan “Science Rocks!” After all, science is really cool. Just think how much benefit it has brought to humanity.

ESC to the Space Button Sticker

ESC to the Space Button Sticker. Escape keyboard button, in the form of a port into outer space.

FAIL FILA Logo Style Sticker

Sticker with the word Fail in the style of the FILA brand logo.

Fresh Orange Sticker

If you think that it’s just a piece of orange – you are partly right. But look closely – if you see the fresh word, then everything is okay and you are fresh too. But if not – then you need some sleep or coffee. Or you can just add Fresh Orange Sticker and freshness come to you at that same moment.

Gamer Zone Road Sign Sticker

This yellow road sign with a picture of a game console indicates that it is a gamer zone. If you love games, then you are definitely in this zone. The funny yellow sticker with Gamer Zone Road Sign!

Girl Pwr Sticker

If you are a strong, confident, and pretty girl who achieves the goals, then this bright multi-colored sticker with Girl Pwr is for you! And don’t forget that with girl power you can do everything!

Harry Potter Espresso Patronum Spell Sticker

Harry Potter in the Hogwards school of wizardy is trying out a new spell to wake up in the morning. That spell is called Espresso Patronum and it help everyone to wake up with its morning magic. Harry Potter Espresso Patronum Spell Sticker.

Homer Simpson Just Do It Later Sticker

Homer Simpson Just Do It Later Sticker. I think if Homer Simpson advertised Nike, their ads would look that way.

Inscription Cool Dude Sticker

If your friend has done something awesome, then by all means use our bright orange sticker with the inscription Cool Dude to please him!

Inscription Wild Child Sticker

If you have a cocky and rebellious character, then this pretty inscription is for you! The pink sticker with Wild Child!

Love Is Forbidden Sign Sticker


Caution! Love is forbidden here because it’s a dark and sad world without any feelings or tenderness. If you are this cruel and very cold to other people person, then this Love Is Forbidden Sign Sticker is totally for you. But if you aren’t this kind of person, then show everybody that this sign is wrong and find in our collection another one.