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Dachshund Skateboard Sticker

We are sure that you don’t have this original blue skateboard because you don’t have our fanart Dachshund Skateboard Sticker. We also like dogs as much as you and also want to have them everywhere – to eat them as cake or cookies, to wear them on our T-Shirts, and to ride them on the skateboard. Isn’t this blue dachshund in sunglasses cool on this skateboard? We think that it’s awesome.

Pizza Skateboard Sticker


Come on, that’s pizza time. Or to say correctly – it’s Pizza Skateboard Sticker time. For sure, you have never seen something like this before in your whole life. Just imagine, you can ride and eat at the same time. But be cautious – we put a lot of cheese there, so it would be hard to ride very fast. Or to ride at all, because pizza can’t live more than five minutes in any form.

Rolling Stones Skateboard Sticker

Time to have some sports and fun! Do you like riding on a skate? Or just decorating a skate? Or are you a Rolling Stones fan? Well, in all these variants this Rolling Stones Skateboard Sticker is made for you. But be careful – this thing is pretty dangerous if you use it wrong.