Dachshund Skateboard Sticker


We are sure that you don’t have this original blue skateboard because you don’t have our fanart Dachshund Skateboard Sticker. We also like dogs as much as you and also want to have them everywhere – to eat them as cake or cookies, to wear them on our T-Shirts, and to ride them on the skateboard. Isn’t this blue dachshund in sunglasses cool on this skateboard? We think that it’s awesome.
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Through repeated testing of various materials and printing technologies, we came to the optimal (application-price-quality) result:

  • Standard sticker sizes are 70+ mm. along the long side.
  • Stickers are resistant to mechanical damage, moisture and direct sunlight.
  • Easily live in conditions of rain and dust.
  • Thin (0.075 mm.) for pasting with an overlap.
  • Flexible for the convenience of pasting shaped surfaces.
  • Cut along the contour.
  • If desired, you can peel off without leaving marks on the surface.
  • Versatile, suitable for large-scale projects and large pasting surfaces.
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